Know What the Industry Expert Will Say Before You Submit Your Song!

Submit your mp3 to a industry expert for an honest, objective and unbiased critique of your talent and the mechanics behind your demo track. After polishing your track using the advice from our critique, submit your demo to label executives or radio station program directors. Our critique service gives you a test run before you submit to an important player that might say no due to a flaw in your demo that you couldn’t hear because you were too close. Our critique includes an assessment of whether your demo is ready to be heard by an industry player and what you can do to improve it if it is not ready.

Best of All – Our Critique Service is Only $380! 

*This service is NOT for everyone. If you are not confident in your work or you have thin skin please don’t use this service. We limit to only 15 submissions a week.

Get your demo critiqued and polished before submitting it to industry executives!

To upload your track for critique:

  1. Complete your order,
  2. Go to Shopping => My Account => View Order,
  3. Make sure you are signed in,
  4. Upload your track by clicking on “Choose File.”

Note: only mp3, ACC, WMA and m4a file formats can be uploaded.

Please allow 12 business days to receive your expert critique.

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