The IDOL FACTOR Record Label and Radio Station Directory

The Idol Factor gives you Access to Executives at the Top 100 Record Labels!

Do you need access to high-power record label executives to enhance your musical career? Of course, you do! Where do you turn for such access? In the past, only the lucky few with connections made it the easy way. Today everything is turned on its head with! Use our Record Label Directory to research and then contact executives from the top 100 record labels in the United States. We are talking about real phone numbers and real emails that connect you to the top of the industry! Get your big break right now, order below.

The IDOL FACTOR is also a Directory of Program Directors for Chart Active Radio Stations Across America.

Get the inside track on promoting your songs on America’s radio stations with’s directory of program directors at chart active radios stations across America!

Monday and Tuesday are “Add Days” when program directors select the songs that are going to be in the rotation for the week. Use your Radio Station Directory to send a letter and a CD with your song to the Program Directors of stations across America. Call them a few days later to find out if they have listened to your song and ask if they would consider putting it in the rotation. Get your song played at numerous stations around the country in the same week for maximum effect.

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